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How To Find Perfect Dividend Stocks?

Investors can come across several sources to find dividend stocks. First of all, browse through your local newspaper. You will see an abbreviated quote in its listing of stocks on the various exchanges. But, this type of quote will most likely not give you any clue whether the stock pays a dividend. They give only price information. So, look for captions such as "Div" or "Yld". However, in the Saturday edition, you will generally see the quotes carrying a "YLD" caption. If the stock entry has a number in its column, then it is clearly paying a dividend with the number as its annualized percentage rate. You can surely find perfect dividend stocks from these listings.

The well-known Value Line Investment Survey displays weekly updates with three tables that will interest dividend investors: Highest Dividend Yielding Stocks", "Highest Dividend Yielding Non-Utility Stocks" and "Stocks With Highest Projected 3-5 Year Dividend Yield". More than 100 stocks are listed at each of these tables. Harry Domash's Dividend Detective, an online newsletter is another source to find high paying dividend stocks. Free of charge, it has both free and paid subscription content.

For a professional investment guidance in dividend stocks, these three monthly but paid subscription newsletters are worth checking out:their websites: Morningstar's DividendInvestor, Mathew Emmert's Dividend Gambit and Geraldine Weiss' Investment Quality Trends.

Finding high paying dividend stocks (HDY) is getting popular among investors. Having to deal with a sideways- trading market and a host of uncertain external factors like higher crude oil prices and a likely slower global economic growth, one wants to find perfect dividend stocks with good fundamentals.

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