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Health Insurance Plan in India

There are no two views about having a health insurance plan in India. It is the most important thing to buy to not only to get affordable health care in the times of need, but also to save your bank balance you have grown over the years. Inflating medical bills every new year has left no option but to buy a sufficient health coverage. But again, individual coverage for each family member can be expensive and cumbersome to handle for many. Thus grew the need of a family floater plan.

Advantages and risks come under one packet

Health insurance plan for a family or a family floater plan is the most affordable way to cover your entire family under one umbrella with a single premium. But with advantages, some risks come pre-packaged. Though each member is under the ambit of a wide coverage, but if one member utilizes even the half of the sum insured amount, the rest of the members will be left to use the remaining amount even if it is insufficient for them. God forbid, if more than 1 or 2 members in the family get hospitalized at the same time, the need will arise to empty the bank accounts.

What is the solution?

Exhausting the entire sum insured amount may not be the right thing to do since it will leave other family members vulnerable to escalating medical costs. In the case like this, the payer can resort to getting the treatment done in the smaller cities. Experts feel that even the smaller cities can provide the treatment that is given in the metro cities or tier 1 cities. There is a considerable difference in the inflationary levels of a metro and a non-metro-city.

Many foreigners are seen flying to India to get the health treatment. This is because they save lots of bucks here. You can also consider travelling to another city to save almost 30-60 per cent on your treatment expenses.

Points to consider

This is not that easy as it seems. Many people find it cumbersome to travel from one city to another to get a specific treatment. Another thing to note is- you always carry a risk of getting a mediocre treatment. So it is entirely upon you that how you choose a specific destination to get an affordable health care. Not all the hospitals in smaller cities are provisioned for every kind of treatment. Moreover, there may be the difference in the experience of the personnel you may approach for the treatment. Therefore, it is advisable to research well on the health care centres and the kind of quality available there.

You may consider moving to a city where your relatives and friends may be living. Nonetheless, if hospitals there do not offer any specialized service for your cause of concern, it is more of an expense than a saving. Search for a city where specialization along with the skill is available in a cost-effective manner. For instance, centres in Ahmedabad, Mangalore, Nashik and Manipal can provide cost-effective treatments, but what disease they treat effectively should also be known to you.

Also, before you pack your bags it is imperative to go through the network of hospitals your health insurance company is referring to. Otherwise, be ready with the long list of documents your insurer will ask you to present to reimburse the bills.

Needless to mention, it is not worth travelling to another city if the treatment you are seeking is available at a cheaper rate in your city. Moreover, if the treatment does not demand for a huge sum insured amount there is no need for travelling.

Do not just compare health insurance plans and their providers, but also compare the hospitals and specialised doctors in the smaller cities for your problem, if you are considering travelling to save mo

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