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How To Buy Dividend Stocks

Have you ever wanted to buy dividend stocks? It’s not really difficult but just takes a little time. One just needs to follow a few steps. Let’s show you how to buy dividend stocks online.

Just go through the following steps:

Step 1

The very first thing is to find the company or the stock you want to invest into. Obviously, you will look for a company that pays a stable dividend on a regular basis. You can go to the well known financial sites like yahoo financial or cnbc.com. Go to the financial section and click on the on stock screener. Go for the ones which are free.

Step 2

Before selecting the company, look carefully at the dividend earnings and the dividend payment schedule. Do your own research. And see the ones that suit you the most.

Step 3

As most of the financial sites are generally 20 min behind, it is a good idea to call your broker. Your broker will be very helpful in giving you the latest info about the dividend stocks you intend to buy. You can also log-in to your online brokerage account and get the real time information plus answers to all you queries.

Step 4

It is totally your decision if you want to buy dividend stocks straight from the company which is a cheaper way to go. The online stock brokers charge fees when you buy and sell through them. If buying online, you can enter the amount of shares you want to purchase and the share price.

Step 5

Submit using a market order for the simplest kind of trade- buying dividend stocks.

Congratulations! You have just bought dividend stocks online.

Now, you just have to watch your stocks and keep jumping from one company to the other to check on your dividend earnings. You can also opt for dividend reinvestment where the company takes the dividend you earned and invests it back into the company. We are sure the above steps will guide you the right way to buy dividend stocks.

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